Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just another epic cycle!

It went blurry again...
while I was staring at it indifferently
After all it wasn't like some kind of bright light at the end of some dark tunnel to begin with...
it had always been there, as long as I can remember
sometimes scattered, the way tiny bits of dust are, floating in the air, when broken by sunlight...
but then it always looked sickeningly the same.
So I shifted many times, meaning to become solid, to hold on
and every time, there came an absolute stillness afterwards
looking ahead, it stopped with me, possibly waiting for me to catch up
possibly just desiring to fade away right there.
consequences of stillness, are just not so simple.
the useless being of anything that's ahead
sometimes blurry, sometimes not
it slowly made my eyelids heavy... it went dark under closed eyes, so much brighter!
Soon I had to open them, soon I had to start moving,
but I would be tired again,
and soon I wouldn't be able to justify my exhausted self.
whatever is ahead of me,
Is laughing at loud.