Saturday, January 19, 2008

So it begins...

between the slowly fading presences,
goes around, the very crippled sequence of events,
from which, one dies in the process of a fictional birth,
thrown out of existence...

what comes next is only an erroneous perception of a sweet, disturbed childhood
the scripted moments of revelations, illuminations, darkness...
from the delusion of traumas, staged breakdowns.
What comes out, are perfectly shaped bodies
prefacing, without recognizing the astonishment that
leaves behind.
and of course it is only thought to be heard
mumbled words, unconscious head
the birth effect carried out through
then forcefully learned behaviors started to kick in,
the pretentious curving ups on the corners of the lips,
for which talks were regarded by.

so they faded out, in complete consciousness
this time naked and blank, fairly real
this time out of wound.